Colorlicious provides exotic hibiscus landscaping for both commercial and residential properties.  


If you are looking for an effective way to increase both property visibility and foot traffic for your stand alone retail establishment this is a unique and exciting way to do so. Being that exotic hibiscus are a relatively new and largely unheard of flowering landscape alternative it is sure to stop many passers by in their tracks right in front of your establishment as they gawk over these incredible blooms. Not only can you beautify your retail frontage in an environmentally friendly way but it is a smart financial investment to build up the volume of your business. Everyday I am outside in my garden at home and I am stopped numerous times a day by people passing by on my sidewalk that are in disbelief with what they are seeing. This same factor can exist for your business which is a key driver in future growth and word of mouth. And with hundreds of varieties of blooms and colors to choose from the possibilities are endless...So if you have the space to plant them in ground there are some amazing possibilities that await your business.

Typical commercial landscaping that does not draw attention to the retail business it fronts

Typical commercial landscaping that does not draw attention to the retail business it fronts


We offer services from a single planter to an entire yard full of exotic hibiscus. Our goal is to partner with local landscape architects and designers that are familiar with your local area to best achieve your vision of what you dream of having on your property.  We will do our best to create a plan that incorporates those elements you desire to combine together in making your dream garden a reality.  It is important to remember that exotic hibiscus are drought tolerant which means once established they do not need a lot of water so we cannot plant other types of vegetation around them that require normal or high amounts of water.  When putting together your landscaping plan we will make sure to incorporate all the needed parameters that exotic hibiscus require in order to successfully grow. This includes having adequate sunlight, being away from trees that produce frequent leaf drop and other vegetation that requires much different fertilizing needs than exotic hibiscus.  The reality is these plants are such prolific bloomers with flowers that are breath taking that it makes sense to show case them and not have them covered or lost in a mix of vegetation.

Examples of situations that are not conducive for growing exotic hibiscus

Examples of situations that are not conducive for growing exotic hibiscus



  • Meet with perspective client to determine if location is proper in terms of both client expectations and current landscaping
  • Explain cost factors involved with rigid process of install and ongoing maintenance
  • Determine if current landscape designer(s) and gardener(s) are able to cooperate going forward
  • Complete survey and create a landscaping package to review with potential client
  • Make changes and finalize landscape plans




Garage Driveway Trenches
  • Removal of all native soil down to 18" and 2' from base of new hibiscus plants
  • Permanently shutting down of sprinkler and/or irrigation systems that will affect planted areas
  • Replacement of native soil with specialized soil mixes tailored to needs of each individual planted section
  • Installation of drip system with fertilizer injector
  • Wood chip ground cover on all planted sections



  • Weekly upkeep on all plants (pruning, pest removal and dead heading)
  • Recharging of all fertilizers in injector
  • Testing of all drippers & microsprinklers
  • Extra care for extreme weather events (wind, cold and heat waves)


We do not provide services for potted exotic hibiscus